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karinmollberg's Journal

karinmollberg (Mollberg is a C.M. Bellman quote)
"Men may know more than we do, honey, but we girls are smarter."

Red Rogers, an original Ziegfeld Folly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ziegfeld_Follies, to Anita Loos in Hollywood

My childhood spent in Scandinavia was a trip. It made me who I am.

"I´m the regal type - that´s not a posture you learn at school, dearie. It´s the way you look at the world."
"I used to be Snow White - but I drifted."
"Love thy neighbour - and if he happens to be tall, debonair and devastating, it´s that much easier."
"In my long and colourful career, one thing stands out. I have been misunderstood."

The Wit and Wisdom of Mae West,
edited by Joseph Weintraub

“I fail remarkably. I write Eye when I mean Tooth. I write Fornicate when I mean Caress. I write Wine when I mean Blood.”

“One kind of man I impatiently scorn is the kind that looks bored if I mention Ibsen or ceramics or Aztec civilization but is interested instantly, alertly, if I mention my garters”


"It isn't your sense of humour at all, it's just that one would need a
brain the size of Stephen Hawking's to get all of your references all
of the time. I get some, but some fly by, missing me completely.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that - I'm currently looking at
the work of the Renaissance master Piero di Cosimo and his work was
full of private iconography and references - but just don't expect
everyone to get all the allusions or links. But then you don't care
about that, do you? It's the pleasure of turning the ideas around in
your head and playing with the language that, I think, appeals to you.
Communicating is sometimes secondary to that. And I've always loved
the Perecs, the Queneaus and the Joyces in literature. They do
exactly the same thing."

Mr. Garvin on the writing style of Modesty

("What stops me from taking myself seriously, even though I'm essentially a serious person, is that I find myself extremely ridiculous-- not in the sense of the small-scale ridiculousness of slapstick comedy, but rather in the sense of a ridiculousness that seems intrinsic to human life and that manifests itself in the simplest actions and most ordinary gestures. For example, I can never shave without starting to laugh; it seems so idiotic. But all of this is very difficult to explain.")

Flaubert in a letter to Louise Colet 1846

"Arthur Mann is going with me to a notary public to swear out an affidavit that I have morals. The [Belgian] consul demands this. Arthur says he's used to lying; he's a newspaper man and won't go to heaven anyway."

Ken Cuthbertson

For more information "Enter, ye wolves".

If you are friendly; maybe so am I...:

"Grace, honour, praise, delight,
Here sojourn day and night.

Sound bodies lined
With a good mind,

Do here pursue with might
Grace, honour, praise, delight."

This annexe of The Abbey of Thélème proposes a swooning pool, maiden service but no clocks. Welcome! It is, almost entirely, LJ-Friends Only for several reasons. Please just add me if interested so I can see who you are (especially if your site is Friend´s Only) and add you back if equally inclined and then we can comment or message to keep the contact should both so wish. Now, isn´t that exciting?

“Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas.”


"Gravity, a mysterious carriage of the body to conceal the defects of the mind."

Laurence Sterne

"Never argue with fools or bores.
They will only drag you down to their level and beat you there by experience."

My brother, probably quoting from MAD.

"All the terms used in the science books, 'law,' 'necessity,' 'order,' 'tendency,' and so on, are really unintellectual .... The only words that ever satisfied me as describing Nature are the terms used in the fairy books, 'charm,' 'spell,' 'enchantment.' They express the arbitrariness of the fact and its mystery. A tree grows fruit because it is a magic tree. Water runs downhill because it is bewitched. The sun shines because it is bewitched. I deny altogether that this is fantastic or even mystical. We may have some mysticism later on; but this fairy-tale language about things is simply rational and agnostic."

Orthodoxy, Chapter IV:
The Ethics of Elfland, 1909
G.K. Chesterton

« In quantum gravity, as we shall see, the spacetime manifold ceases to exist, as an objective physical reality; and the foundational conceptual cathegories of prior science – among them, existence itself- become problematized and relativized. »


"Two things are infinite: the universe & human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

Albert Einstein

"Interestingly, according to modern astronomers, space is finite. This is a very comforting thought — particularly for people who can never remember where they have left things."

Woody Allen
From "The UFO Menace"

"Telekinetics of the wor(l)d - raise my hand!"
Kurt Vonnegut

"The beauty of the world, which is so soon to perish, has two angles; one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder."

V. Woolf

"nothing but a sneeze", 1920ies vintage leather&silk shoes, absurdity as a rule, aby warburg´s diverse libraries, actual esprit in conversation, alba driving gorodish´s citroen, alcofribas nasier´s utopians, all endless silliness available, ancient non-disfigured churches, anita loos´ sublime sense, antique jewellery and bijouterie, arbiter of my taste, arrogance as stupidity´s pride, balanescu quartet playing kraftwerk, bearing several vintage names, beating bores with clubs, being laurel with hardy, betty boop householding tricks, bloody marys and misogyny, caol ila and cigars, cats who are dogs, certain often french cartoons, champagne on tour eiffel, charleston faster than pogo, christ church college oxford, clawfinger truth ruling class-less, clearing clutter without feng-shui, cooking cleaning and poisoning, could you hold this?, dancing to experi-mental speedjazz, das kunstseidene mädchen lacht, diderot dictating your direction, drinking wine for peace, edika nosiness as body-idealism, enjoying german quark cheesecake, fighting by sweeping out, french food in france, french vintage chansons, fresh flowers in oak-rooms, froth on my daydream, genuese palace mirror halls, getting it by association, golden gondolas across alpes, good old-fashioned gentlemanly manners, gothic madonnas in siena, grace paley´s brooklyn sandwiches, grand hotel londra sanremo, greyhaired gentlemen smoking pipes, grown-up people laugh harder, guide psychogeographique de paris, gustave adolphe mossa´s art, gustavian fayence furniture, harriet vane welcoming visitors, hosting a well-functioning crap-detector, hotel de paris roulette, how could they tell?, huge wheel-sized hats, hunting for snarks, indian motorbiking through hills, jean rhys was wrong, john donne´s ecstatic flies, just call me molly, keeping up my pace, kelly von naumburg´s grace, knowing what´s what, learning for pure delight, leonora carrington´s ballroom hyena, liking my long limbs, lippizanoes performing classic ballet, literal gullibility like aldous´, literary quotes worth hearing, living the westcoast area, living without boardinghouse pets, long walks along dunes, lord peter wimsey diving, mae´s wit and wisdom, mahatma gandhi´s many possessions, making your godly world-kit, marsupilami´s attitude vs road-runner´s, mayakovsky´s yellow sun blouse, menck preferred witless blondes, milkyway-watch in the altmark, minding one´s own mind, modesty blaise´s lethal charm, montecatini-terme (alto) siesta, my friend willie garvin, my vintage crocodillo bags, natural elegance and eloquence, no solace for querulants, not carried by clothes, oldtimer rallyes almost anywhere, open fires in stoves, other people knowing things, other people reading books, over-sleeping and snogging, paradise cigarilloes at negresco, parisian pavements after rain, peg bundy´s hairdo rules, piano bars on ships, pirate jenny´s singsong, poetry vs femanist pottery, pomerol and wild boar, prague´s smaller side streets, princess on a pea, provence before&after the stampede, psychotic youth playing roskilde, puglian cisternino and ostuni, quainterelles & homo ludens, reading in viennese cafés, remembering what was said, restaurant gathe in gothenburg, riding out early mornings, sandlounging to satie´s vexations, screwball comedy dialogues, seeing sparks in clogs, singapore sling from beerglasses, skating the tullinge lake, snakes for ms schuster-slatts, some like it hotter, spy vs spy noise, stars are cigars gleaming, staying slim til ninetynine, stockholm in summer night-time, strawberries pepper and cremadibalsamico, style supposes some personality, sunshine on my bed, swimming the atlantic ocean, the bad sushi experience, the benozzo gozzoli chapel, the berlin wall falling, the doctor´s attic astrology, the order of malta, tom benson collage interiors, too curious to die, too lazy for pretentiousness, tortoiseshell haircombs and glasses, trainrides along the côtedazur, trashiness as good fun, true-castles vs bloody disneyland, understanding double-entendre as irony, vintage cars: bugatti&jaguar, vintage venuses wearing furcoats, wanting something else more, warmtimbred sopranoes and slayer, weigt-lifting my polkadot-horse, where´s your best sunday-dress?, wolfhardt&gesine sharing their graybread, woody allen as sperm, yogi tea with milk, yves klein´s blue men


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